What are the signs and symptoms of lipomas?

Lipoma symptoms can sometimes be mistaken for a different health condition, especially if a person is not familiar with lipoma.


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It is common for a person to discover a lipoma bump, and immediately assume that they have a cancerous growth.

But, lipomas are benign, so you don’t need to worry if the area is diagnosed as lipoma.


There are a few things that can identify a lipoma growth from cancerous growths:


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  • Location: Lipoma growths occur right underneath the skin, usually between the layers of the skin and the muscle layer underneath. Lipoma growths often occur on certain parts of the body, including the trunk, back, neck, forarms, and upper thighs.
  • Feel: Cancerous tumors may feel different, depending on the type of cancer and the location. But, lipomas have a specific texture when touched. The growth is very soft and flexible, and it can be easily moved underneath the skin.
  • Pain: Lipomas typically are not painful, especially when they are small. If a lipoma growths larger, then it may have an impact on the nerves in that area of the body, which can in turn cause pain to occur. But, as a general rule of thumb, lipomas do not cause pain in most people.
  • Size: Usually, lipomas are small and often stay under 2 inches in diameter. In rare cases, the lipoma may grow over time and become bigger.
  • Age: Lipomas are very rare in young children, they most commonly occur in adults between the ages of 30 and 60.
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If you find a growth, the first step that should be taken is to consult with a doctor in order to determine that the growth is not cancerous. In most cases, doctors suggest that lipomas are left alone unless they need to be removed for cosmetic reasons or if the area is aggravated.

If a doctor has diagnosed you with lipomas, then there are a few home remedies that may be considered.

These home remedies have been effective for many people who have been able to successfully remove their lipomas using techniques such as diet adjustments and supplement use.

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