The Strange Text That Makes A Man Shake With Obsession?

Sarah’s phone buzzed on her coffee table… and it was from him.

Her hands shook as she picked up her phone to read what he had just sent… and her world flipped upside down.

“I’m breaking up with you,” it read.
She dropped her phone on the table and its screen shattered. Her mind raced with reasons why he would leave her… why he would just give up so easily…

The Strange Text That Makes AMan Shake With Obsession.

Was it because of the new girl at the office? Have I not treated him right?

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Is he sick of me? Am I not pretty enough for him anymore?

No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t fight back her tears… that is…

Until she remembered the magical text message that her friend taught her…
The text message that would change his mind about breaking up with her…

The strange, simple text that would cause his heart to burn with an intoxicating desire every time he thought about her…

Keep reading this letter and I promise that what you’ll learn in the next four and a half minutes will change your life forever.

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