How To Introduce Your Lover to the Swinging Lifestyle

Have you ever had the thought that you would like to be a swinger and indulge in sexual fantasies such as couple swapping, threesomes and orgies? Yet your partner is not interested? Do not despair – there are things you can do about it.

Most people have sexual fantasies of some sort or other. It is perfectly natural and is part of our wiring as sexual creatures. However there are also many people who would like the thought of actually acting out some of their fantasies but are unable to due to the reluctance of their partner. Maybe this is you?


Perhaps you have even mentioned it to your partner and he or she has expressed a lack of interest. Even worse, they might be openly hostile and even accuse you of trying to damage your relationship or of making them feel rejected.

The fact is, however, that swinging (which is really just acting out fantasies of having sex with other people) is a natural and very exciting enhancement to the love lives of thousands of couples worldwide. Far from it damaging a relationship, swinging couples generally report that swinging actually enhances their marriage, bringing them closer together and improving their communication.

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If your lover is not keen on the idea of swinging, there are a number of things you can do:
Firstly, be aware that swinging is (or can be) a natural outcome of a trusting an loving marriage and relationship. You really cannot be successful long-term swingers without a very deep level of trust and communication between you. Therefore the key to becoming a swinger is to find ways to enhance the trust, communication and intimacy in your marriage.

Trust is a vital component of intimacy for most people in a relationship, and the key to your partner opening up sexually. So rather than focus on trying to get your partner feeling ‘sexy’ per se, discover ways you can make them feel more loved, appreciated and adored. Let them know that they the most important person in your life. Make them know that they are (in your eyes) the most attractive person on the planet. CLICK AQUI

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