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I have a story for you. It’s a great story. More important, it’s a story about a handful of very, very simple skills that will hand you victory when violence strikes. And it will strike.


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The story started on a hot, sticky July night back in 1994…

Yet the sweat drenching my t-shirt was not just from the heat.


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I was terrified.

I knew deep in my bones I was about to get my ass kicked, and there was nothing I could do about it. Even so. I puffed out my chest and clenched my jaw trying my best to look tough and confident for my 21 year old hot-as-the-Afghan-desert girlfriend.

She was 21 and I was 17, so yeah I was the man!

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Not that I felt like one though.

In fact the only thought going through my mind was…

“Holy Crap! This guy is gonna beat the shit out of me…”

You see, my girl’s ex-boyfriend was one of the local “tough guys.” His jacked up pickup truck was pulled up on the lawn. And he was standing in front of it hurling beer bottles, insults and threats…

His speech was slurred. But he wasn’t so drunk that I couldn’t clearly make out his vivid promise and nearly piss myself in fear:

“Come on out here boy! I’m gonna beat your ass and screw your girl. Get out here and face me”

Can you imagine how I felt? If you can put yourself in my shoes and feel the fear of knowing you can’t even protect yourself, not to mention the people you love, then I beg you to keep reading — and use my story to prepare yourself — so that when violence threatens YOUR loved ones, you come out on top.

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Fear Is Your Worst Enemy In A Fight!

Now, the lights of this guy’s pick-up truck were shining in my eyes from behind him…

It made the dude seem larger than life, like a thug straight out of a late night movie!

And that’s when my girl confirmed my worst fear. In terrified voice she squeaked:

“Shit! He’s gonna kill you John!”

“I’m calling the cops. Do NOT go out there. Promise me!”

So I cowered there, peeping out through the cheap blinds while we waited for the cops, wishing I could stand up to this guy. But knowing if I stepped out that door I was done for.

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Without even touching me, this guy had basically cut off my balls and stripped me of every ounce of manhood…

Now, let’s just say what happened next changed the course of my life…

And I’ll tell you how the story ends in a minute…

However I can tell you this right now. After that night…

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