Are Lipomas Common?

If you have been diagnosed with a lipoma, then it is likely that you are feeling like something is wrong with you: why are these strange growths appearing under your skin?


Even though you may not be familiar with lipomas, they are more common than you might expect. In fact, lipomas are very common, it is estimated that 1 in every 100 people will experience lipomas at some point in their life.



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Are Lipomas Common?


Lipoma Clusters

One common symptom of lipoma is the fact that they will grow in clusters, so if you have one then it is likely that others will appear as well. Usually these growths are close to each other, although they may appear randomly on the body. The most common areas for lipomas to grow are on the torso, arms, upper thighs, back, and neck.

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Sometimes a person may experience just one lipoma that grows quite large in size. Other people may experience smaller lipomas, but a larger number of the growths. There is no predictable pattern, and the growths vary from one person to the next.


Lipoma Causes

Lipoma growths are benign, and they are simply a deposit of fatty cells. For some reason, the body develops a fibrous sack which starts to fill with a fatty substance, and over time the fatty deposits will cause the growth to get bigger. Doctors don’t know the exact reason why lipomas occur, although there has been the suggestion that people may be more prone to lipomas depending on their genetics. In some situations, lipomas may run in families.

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Lipomas are slow growing, and a person can live just fine with these fatty deposits. There is no health concern, unless the area becomes infected or if the growth starts to cause a blockage or pain.


Common Lipoma Treatments

The safest treatment for lipomas is to minimize fatty deposits by taking certain natural supplements as well as changing your diet. These natural remedies can help to reduce the lipoma and prevent additional lipomas from growing. Most people experience good results from natural lipoma treatments, although in some cases surgery is a preferred treatment option based on the doctor’s recommendation. SEE HERE VIDEO

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