Alyssa Milano requests a “sex strike” until the anti-abortion law in Georgia is repealed

Actress Alyssa Milano declared “an official war” against Georgia, a state in the southeastern United States, urging women to stop having sex until the law prohibiting abortion is repealed.

This is because Georgia is the most recent state – there are five others – which prohibits this practice after doctors detect a “heartbeat in the fetus.”

Through her Twitter, the ex-protagonist of Hechiceras wrote: “Our reproductive rights are being erased, until we women have legal control over our own bodies, we simply can not risk pregnancy.”

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Then, he added that “JOIN ME to not have sex until we recover our physical autonomy.” I request a #SexStrike . Obviously, her comments generated different reactions in social networks, where some of her followers called her “crazy”, while others believe she is correct.

Moreover, some compared what was said by Milan with Ancient Greece , since in its literature, a character convinces women to reject sexual relations with their husbands until the end of the war.

The other states that have similar laws are Ohio, Mississippi, Kentucky, Iowa and North Dakota . Georgia law takes effect in January.

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